Vincent Regis

Bedrijf League 2023

Dear EGC Members,

Every year from May through July we play the Bedrijfsleague. A serious competition, but always played in a very friendly atmosphere, where we face teams from other companies. Each match is played in the late afternoon/early evening on a weekday, starting usually around 17:30. There are 4 home matches at ESTEC and 4 away matches played on outside courses. 6 ESTEC players will face 6 players from the opposing team in a 1v1 Matchplay game with full handicap adjustment.

The schedule for the 8 ESTEC matches is currently as follows:

09/05/2023 – Misfits (formerly Shell) vs ESTEC, 17:30 @ Bentwoud
17/05/2023 – ESTEC vs EPO, 17:30 @ ESTEC
23/05/2023 – EPO vs ESTEC, 18:08 @ Rijswijkse Golfclub
31/05/2023 – ESTEC vs PIT, 17:30 @ ESTEC
08/06/2023 – PIT vs ESTEC, 17:20 @ Leeuwenbergh
21/06/2023 – ESTEC vs BP, 17:30 @ ESTEC
28/06/2023 – BP vs ESTEC, 17:25 @ Kleiburg
12/07/2023 – ESTEC vs Misfits (formerly Shell), 17:30 @ ESTEC

This competition is open to all EGC members with a handicap of 36 and lower. If you have a higher handicap but still would be interested to play please contact me so we can see what is possible. Green fees and any post-match drinks + snacks are at the expense of the individual player.

A Doodle poll has been set up for players to register interest in participating in the team and providing their tentative availability for matches. We will use this for the selection of the teams each week. Ideally there are more than 6 players registered on each date to have some reserves. Anyone that registers their name in the doodle will be included in the team and we will try our best to give everyone that registers a chance to play a match:

The first match is already in 3 weeks so please register as soon as possible! Last year we did not manage to win the competition for the first time in years so we are very keen to regain “our” trophy.

All questions and comments regarding the Bedrijfsleague can be sent to

Best regards,
Erik & Vincent

Walker and Club Championship report

On Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of September, the Walker Cup and the Club Championship were played under the best conditions we could hope for. The course was still soft from the rain that fell the days preceding the event, but the weather was nice and warm, with very little wind. Prefect scoring conditions. The scores were indeed good.

Walker Cup

We had 25 participants for the combine 1st round of the Club Championship and Walker Cup, 14 cat 1 players and 11 cat 2.

The winner of the Walker Cup, by 4 points, was Tony Rosmalen with the incredible score of 44 points (75 strokes, the 5th best strokeplay score of the day). In 2nd place went to Rod Allen with 40 points, just one point ahead of Piet Hillebrand, 3rd with 39 points.

Congrats to Tony !

Detailed results can seen on Proware:

Club Championship

On the Club Championship side. After the first round things were pretty tight at the top of the leaderboard, with Vincent Regis leading by one with a solid 65 strokes, over Erik van Ginkel with 66 strokes. In 3rd, David Binns was still in contention with 70 strokes, 5 behind.

And the second round, Vincent broke away with a great 61, 3 over par round, increasing his lead over Erik to 5 that had a solid 65, and to 10 strokes over David Binns with a good 66.

But on the 3rd round both Vincent and Erik had run out of steam and came back with some pretty disappointing scores, 72 and 76 respectively. David on the contrary was charging back with an excellent 64, overtaking Erik for 2nd. But the lead built by Vincent was too big and David fell short 2 strokes. So thanks to his great 2nd round, Vincent Regis has successfully defended his Club Champion title !

Detailed results can seen on Proware:

Autumn Seasonal – Rijswijkse GC – report and results

On the 1st of September, the Autumn Seasonal was played in Rijswijkse GC. It was a beautiful sunny day, if a bit windy. 14 players participated. The course was in good condition, in spite of the long dry period we have had. It showed: there were some really high scores, so high we would almost talk of bandits…..

The meal afterwards was good, and the prize giving quick. Clare Bingham came in 3rd with 36 Stbf points for the third prize, Vincent Regis with 37 Stbf was 2 nd, and Valerie Thirkettle-Kaiser came 1st with a whopping 43 Stbf.!

We have to mention that Marja Allen, with a handicap of 41, had to play of 36 as we do in most competitions. She came in with 30 Stbf on hcp 36, but had she been allowed to play off her real handicap, she would have had 37 as well, which would have knocked Clare off the 3rd prize.

The nearies were won by Alan and Valerie, the longest by Valerie and Brian.

There was a bit of a discussion about the winter seasonal, planned in Almeerderhout on the 15th of September. Several of our players would not be available on that day, and it was agreed that I try to postpone it to mid-October. Watch Proware for a new entry and stay tuned for the announcement.

Detailed results can be seen in Proware:

Captain’s day 2022 – Results and Report

Sunday August 28, was Captain’s Day on the Estec Golf Course. It was a beautiful sunny, but a bit windy day. We had 26 players for a shotgun start.

We went round in 3 hours, which shows how little waiting there has been. The flights followed each other smoothly. The scores were quite good as well.

There was a neary for all on hole 1. It must be mentioned that no lady managed to hit the green… but both Vincent Regis and Raffaele Tosellini did, Raffaele was closest to the pin.

On hole 3 was the longest for the men, also won first by Vincent, and improved by Raffaele. Raffaele thought his length might have given him the advantage…

The ladies longest was on hole 7, first marked by Christine Sanders, a new member of the club, and then improved by your captain, Helma Nollen.

The best Lady was Marja Allen with a  score of 40 stbf points and a handicap of 41.7. And the best man was Rob Jansen, also with a score op 40 stbf points and a handicap of 25.5.

After the competition the aperitif was offered by the captain, and then a wonderful walking dinner was served.

All in all it was a really nice day!

Detailed results can be seen on Proware: