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Summer Seasonal 2022 at De Haenen – Results and Report

The Summer seasonal has been played at De Haenen golf course near Breda. The weather was nice, sunny and little windy. The course was beautiful with undulated contours, and many statues and artwork displayed around the course.

Unfortunately, what could have a perfect setup was a little spoiled as some extensive aeration had been performed on the all the greens, making them really difficult. For this reason the event was declared non qualifying.

A dinner took place at the club house after the round.

The winner with 31 points is Jan van Haarlem. 2nd with 30 points and a better back 9, is Stephen Durrant. 3rd with 30 points is Alex Jeanes. Elly Davis won the longest drive and Allan Thirkettle the neary.

Congratualtions to Jan!

Full results can be seen in Proware:

Bedrijf League 2022

Dear club members,

The Bedrijf League is back. All the usual teams have signed up: the Misfits (ex Shell), BP, PIT and EPO.

The Bedrijf League is a business evening league played with the aforementioned businesses/organisations golf clubs. Each game is played between 2 teams of 6 players, in individual matchplay with full hcp compensation. We play during the week with the first tee around 17:30. Each team plays every other team twice, once at home and once away.

BP is hosting in Kleiburg, The Misfits in Bentwoud, PIT in Leeuwenbergh, and EPO in the Rijswijkse. And with the last ESTEC site entry restrictions lifted, the EGC can receive on the ESTEC golf course again.

Players must be 36 hcp minimum to participate. There is no special priority, so we will do our best to ensure that everyone that wants to play gets to play.

For each round we will need 6 players plus one standby that will keep his evening free in case one of the players that was selected can’t make it at the last minute.

To sign up you just need to indicate your availability for each date in the Datumprikker at the link below:

Here is a summary of the dates:

  • Mon 09/05/2022: Bentwoud, starting 17:20 at vs. Misfits (formerly Shell)
  • Thu 19/05/2022: ESTEC GC, Starting 17:30 vs. EPO
  • Mon 23/05/2022: Rijswijkse, Starting 17:30 vs. EPO
  • Tue 31/05/2022: ESTEC GC, Starting 17:30 vs. PIT
  • Thu 09/06/2022: Leeuwenbergh, Starting 17:20 vs. PIT
  • Wed 29/06/2022: Kleiburg, starting 17:25 vs. BP
  • Tue 12/07/2022: ESTEC GC, Starting17:30 vs. Misfits
  • Tue 26/07/2022: ESTEC GC, Starting 17:30 vs. BP

Any questions? Want more detail? Please contact Vincent (

Dunhill Cup 2022

Dear Club members,

It is time to put together the teams for the Dunhill Cup.

The first round is planned for the Saturday 26th of March. So you have until March 20th 17:00 to setup your team and communicate its composition back to the organiser (Vincent Regis: Pools will be drawn on Monday 21st, and flights for the first round will be announced on Wednesday 23rd.

Team Composition

All members of the team shall have a link to a recognisable ‘geo-political’ entity, either by birth, naturalisation (citizenship), marriage or partnership.

To make team setup easier, minimize walkovers, and broaden a little bit the field of players, one external player will be allowed in each team, that has no link to the aforementioned geo-political entity.

It is the responsibility of the captain in setting up a team to ascertain potential absenteeism among the players to avoid ‘conceding’ walkovers. The team captain shall function as point of contact to the organiser.

A team shall consist of no more than 7 players.

A player can only participate in one team.

Competition is open to all players with Handicap 54 (GVB). For the competition an exact handicap of 36.0 is given to players with handicap >36.0. Team composition may not be changed after the first playing Saturday. Teams that don’t have 7 players on their team at the time of the first match may still add players until they have reached the maximum of 7 players.

Last year we had the following teams:

  • France – Vincent Regis
  • Netherlands – Henk Wapstra is stepping down, needs a new captain
  • Germania (Germany/Austria) – Klaus Ludwig
  • Commonwealth – Brian Taylor
  • Italy – Giuseppe Racca

In the past we also had the following teams:

  • Celtics (Scotland/Ireland) – Paul McNamara
  • Spain – Rafael Lucas
  • Scandinavia – Reno Harboe Sorensen


Round 1 – March 26th

Round 2 – April 23rd

Round 3 – May 7th

Semi final/round 4 – May 28th

Final – June 25th

Game format and rules:

A match between 2 teams is made up of 3 games/flights, with 3 members from each team playing against each other. Captains shall declare their team’s 3 players to the other on the day of the match just prior to the first tee time. A players handicap is the one current at beginning of match day (Note; full handicap adjustment), Maximum exact handicap is 36, players with a higher handicap are allowed to play but will be given a 36.0 handicap for the match.

The matches are played in handicap order where first, the lowest handicap player of a team plays against the lowest handicap player of the opposing team etc.

This order of play shall be modifiable to accommodate late arrivals (Note the 20 minute tee-off window still applies). The format is medal matchplay, i.e. each player plays 18 holes, holing out on each hole. The lowest net score at the end (after handicap adjustment) wins. Individual game must have a winner, in case of a draw after 18 holes: play on from hole 1 (with handicap difference per hole) to decide winner by sudden death (like match play).

If a team does not manage to field all three players for a match, the game(s) where the missing player(s) would have played is (are) conceded.

If each team fields only 2 players and each wins one game, then the match is decided by stroke difference, else by a sudden death, match play between the 2 lowest handicap players.

Score cards to be put in the scorecard box after competition. These will be forwarded to EGC Handicap Secretary or returned to player with a non-EGC home club.

Teams score:

The team winning a match will get 1 point, loser 0. The games scored, 3-0 or 2-1, will be recorded as will the net stroke difference in the match and games conceded.

The stroke difference in a game is fixed at 1 where there was a play-off to decide a game.

Where a game is ‘conceded’ through a ‘no-show’, the conceding team gets a +5 stroke penalty for that game. (The other team does not benefit any strokes, just the game win.)

Teams in a group are ranked according to, and in order of: 1) points, 2) games won, 3) least net stroke difference over all matches. If still a tie in a group, then the winner of the match, already played, between the two will go through.

2022 Presentation Tournament: results and report

The presentation tournament has been played last Saturday, in cold but dry weather.

23 brave players participated, and the scores were pretty good, with 10 players at 0 or more.

And it is Geradine Doeswijk-Kavanagh that came on top with an excellent score of +5 (note that her score on Proware is wrong, due to a bug in the system assigning her the number of stroke of a male player).

In second place we have Barteld de Jong with +3.

3rd, with a better back nine, is Stephen Durrant with +2.

Full results can be seen here:

Congratulations Geraldine!!!