Autumn Seasonal – Rijswijkse GC – report and results

On the 1st of September, the Autumn Seasonal was played in Rijswijkse GC. It was a beautiful sunny day, if a bit windy. 14 players participated. The course was in good condition, in spite of the long dry period we have had. It showed: there were some really high scores, so high we would almost talk of bandits…..

The meal afterwards was good, and the prize giving quick. Clare Bingham came in 3rd with 36 Stbf points for the third prize, Vincent Regis with 37 Stbf was 2 nd, and Valerie Thirkettle-Kaiser came 1st with a whopping 43 Stbf.!

We have to mention that Marja Allen, with a handicap of 41, had to play of 36 as we do in most competitions. She came in with 30 Stbf on hcp 36, but had she been allowed to play off her real handicap, she would have had 37 as well, which would have knocked Clare off the 3rd prize.

The nearies were won by Alan and Valerie, the longest by Valerie and Brian.

There was a bit of a discussion about the winter seasonal, planned in Almeerderhout on the 15th of September. Several of our players would not be available on that day, and it was agreed that I try to postpone it to mid-October. Watch Proware for a new entry and stay tuned for the announcement.

Detailed results can be seen in Proware: