Dunhill Cup standings after the 4th round

Here is the situation after round 4 of the Dunhill Cup 2019.

Team France has won all its games so far and is assured to play the final.

Team GB has given up and forfeited all their games.

Commonwealth (2 games won, 2 lost) can no longer reach the final since they have a less favorable point difference than Germania (2 games won and 2 lost as well).

Netherlands, with 2 wins and one game lost can play the final if they beat France in the 5th round. If they lose, the score or point difference will decide which team (Netherlands or Germania) will meet France in the final.

On June 22nd the 5th round will be played in the morning between France and the Netherlands (9:30) and the final in the afternoon (14:00). Germania players will have to stay in standby, and the dutch players should be prepared to possibly play a 2nd round in the afternoon.