King’s Social Scramble: 27 April 2023 – Report and Results

The King’s Day golf event started in the “best orange style” with the check-in hut decorated and Clare offering an orange ball to each of the participating players.

Altogether we had a fair King’s Day for golfing, little wind, some sun and temperatures around 12 Deg. C. This first EGC social event of the year, King’s Scramble, was played by 34 players in 8 different 4-balls teams and 1 late comers 2-balls team – using the red tees and from scratch. The best team score was recorded by Team 8 with a score of 56 or -2. Appassimento wine was presented to Brian Taylor, Peter Behrmann, Marga Harboe Sorensen and Joerg Callies. The second best Team score was recorded by Team 2, Mary, Willem, Claudia and John, with 59 strokes and a better back 9. Third also with 59, was Team 1, with Vincent, Beatrice, Rudolf and Christine. All team scores can be found attached.

Prior to the golf prize giving, Clare announced the winners of the best dressed orange player. Appassimento wine was presented to Dinah as the Lady wearing most orange and for the Men, the most original orange outfit winner was announced to be Carel “butterfly” Haakman.

Fortunately Clare also organized drinks to be available at the check-in hut so we never managed to move to ESCAPE afterwards. More thanks goes to everyone who provided snacks etc. for the check-in hut and finally, I hope all participants enjoyed the golf part, the social part and everyone’s company.

Your EGC Competition Secretary – Reno