Sunday 20 March 2022: CRT Scramble, Report and Results.

Nice to see more (than in the Monthlies) EGC players participating in the first 2022 Colin Rolls Trophy  event “Scramble” of the year. Unfortunately the weather contributed with a very cold wind pushing the temperature around 8 Deg. C to a Real Feel temperature of 2 Deg. C – but it stayed dry! Altogether we had 32 players participating in 8½ flights where each pair represented one of the traditional four teams. The best pair score was recorded by Francis and Marga with 57 St. P. followed by Willem/Rob and Clare/Stephen with 52 St. P. The best team score counting the two best score per team, was recorded by the “Babes and the Boys” with 104 St. P. followed by the “Mulligans”  with 100 St. P , “Friday’s Men” with 89 St. P. and the “Andy Caps” with 83 St. P. All pair and team results can be found attached.


Francis and Marga, playing with 33 strokes received managed to record 57 St. P. which means 21 St. P. above their playing handicap – another first in the history of CRT – so another BIG Congratulation. Also worth mentioned is Anneke and Christine’s score of 40 St. P. playing from 33 strokes – since Christine participated for the first time in a EGC event having official a handicap of 54.0.  

Finally the average pair scores for 15 flights (inc. two single players) was 44,3 St. P. (handicap 20,0) compared to 2021 numbers of 40,6 (handicap 16,7). Probably a ¾ Scramble playing handicap need to be considered for CRT 2023.

Sunday 10 April 2022: CRT Greensome

Please be ready for the next CRT events “Greensome” which will take place on Sunday 10 April 2021. Contact your team Captain if you like to play. Team Captains to forward playing pairs to Reno not later than Thursday 7 April 2022.

Your 2022 CRT organizer – Reno