Bedrijf League results after the 5th game: ESTEC vs Shell

We are on a roll!!!

After crushing BP last week, we were back Thursday evening at Zeegersloot for our last home game against Shell. And it well seems like we made Zeegersloot our home, as we got another large victory 5-1!

Detailed results:

Bob Horsman (9.0) – Vincent Regis (7.2) Win 1 up
John Colbran (9.0) – Paul McNamara (7.6) Win 4&3
Daz Saralis (10.3) – Erik van Ginkel (9.9) Win 1 up
Levente Tanka (11.6) – Rafael Lucas (15.4) Win 4&3
Simon Stanton (12.6) – Anders Elfving (19.2) Win 8&7
Andy Napper (15.2) – Anna Hjortnaes (20.7) lost 4&3

Next 3 weeks, we have a stretch of 3 away game (EPO, PIT, BP), starting Monday July 5th evening at the Rijswijkse, for the return match against EPO.

ESTEC team hasn’t lost a game so far (3 wins, 2 draws), and sits now at the top of the leaderboard with 2 points over BP.