Bedrijf League results after the 4th game: ESTEC vs BP

After the disappointing draw in our home game against PIT, the team was out for blood. And we showed no mercy to the BP team (The ladies were particularly ruthless), winning 6-0.

Andy Smith vs Vincent Regis – Win 3&2
Henk Vlag vs Mary Gillies – Win 6&5
Sjoerd Gunnewijk vs Erik van Ginkel – Win 3&2
Carlo Eijkels vs Anders Elfving – Win 1 up
Arnold Bakels vs Anna Hjortnaes – Win 6&5
Max van Opstal vs Helma Nollen – Win 3&2

Very well done!!! The ESTEC team should now be near the top of the Bedrijf League leader board.

We play our last home game next Thursday July 1st, against Shell.