Dunhill Cup 2021 standings after the 3rd round

Saturday May 29th, the 3rd round of the Dunhill cup has been played under the sun, with temperatures improving but still fresh for the season, and with some moderate cross winds.

Germania was sitting that round out. Italy has confirmed their good start by beating Commonwealth, while France has stumbled against the Netherlands.

Commonwealth vs Italy (1-2)
Brian Taylor 64 – 62 Raffaele Toselini
Joe Pereira 75 – 68 Giuseppe Racca
Garry Gould 63 – 84 Luigi Fanchi

France vs Netherlands (1-2)
Vincent Regis 66 – 70 Henk Wapstra
Rafael Lucas 68 – 56 Nely Borst
Tony Rosmalen 70 – 57 Willem Borst

Current standings:

Game WinsShot diff
1Italy222 – 0525
2Netherlands312 – 1529
3France221 – 1318
4Commonwealth311 – 2448
5Germania220 – 213

All results can be seen here: https://challonge.com/egc_dunhill_2021

Next round will be on June 12th, with Italy vs France and Germania vs Commonwealth