Dunhill Cup 2021 teams and first round

The teams this year are the following:

France (Still recruiting): Vincent Regis (c), Tony Rosmalen, Georges Gourmelon, Sylvain Prezelus, Anna Carmio.

Commonwealth: Brian Taylor (c), Clare Bingham (c), Joe Pereira, Stephen Durrant, Garry Gould, Salim Ansari, Reno Harboe Sorense.

Germania (Germany/Austria): Klaus Ludwig (c), Nico Dettmann, Nicolas Walser, Helmut Frueholz, Peter Behrmann, Andreas Obst, Hanna Jones.

Netherlands: Henk Wapstra (c), Nely borst, Willem Borst, Carel Haakman, Rob Jansen.

Italy – Luna Rossa: Giuseppe Racca (c), Raffaele Tosellini, Filippo Pinna, Stefano Capitanio, Luigi Fanchi, Marco Ermocida, Domenico Mignolo.

Since we have only 5 teams, the competition will be a simple round robin bracket. Result will be updated in Challonge.com: https://challonge.com/egc_dunhill_2021

All teams meet each other once, 2 games per round over 5 rounds, which means one team sits out every round.

So for the first round, Italy is sitting out and the 2 games are:

– France vs Commonwealth

– Germania vs Netherlands

The tee times are the following:

14:00 Vincent – Brian

14:10 Anna – Salim

14:20 Georges – Stephen

14:30 Nicolas – Henk

14:40 Klaus – Nely

14:50 Peter – Willem