Results Zeegersloot/Estec Challenge 16/10 and the club result 2019

Dear Estec Players,

The 16th of September the first match of the Zeegersloot/Estec  Challenge was played at the Zeegersloot Golf Club.
Estec Golfclub won with 156 stableford points against 151 for Zeegersloot Golfclub.

Yesterday, the 16th of October the 2nd match was played at Estec, a 4BBB, 100% Stableford.
There were 18 players from Estec defending the 1st. position en 14 players from Zeegersloot going for the 1st. position……,
a task after the first match at Zeegersloot…..

With respect to the weather we all got the 1st price!! It was just pouring down the whole afternoon, but the spirit was high,
and all players just went for it. Afterwards everybody enjoyed coming inside having a warm soup and rolls.

TEAM RESULT, 16 October 2019:

The Estec players did it great,  the 1st., 2nd. and 3 th place went to Estec.

1st :   Brian Taylor/Hanna Jones, stb 45
2nd:  Kjeld Hjortnaes/Will Spangenberg, Stb 41
3rd :  Vincent Regis/Elly Davis, Stb 40

Eventhough the weather was so bad Juke Haanraadts from Zeegersloot got a HOLE in 1 on hole 9.
It was the 1st Hole in 1 on hole 9, since the new green was established!

A great result, congratulation to the winners! (see photo)

(All results can be found in Proware!)


The club result is calculated from the best of 5 teams.

Estec won with 203 Stb against 166 for Zeegersloot.

The Challenge after the 2 matches was won by Estec Golf Club.

with a total of 359 stableford points, Zeegersloot got 317,

Estec Golf Club got the Club price for the 4th time!!!!

Congratulations to all players who participated!

Anna Hjortnaes and Carel Haakman