CRT Greensomes Results

The second
event of the Colin Rolls Trophy 2019 was held on Sunday 14th
April. The weather was spring-like with a 10C, mostly sunny day but with
a firm breeze (1-to 2 clubs) from the East which kept the perceived
temperature quite a bit lower. The course is in reasonable firm condition
but with greens a bit on the slow side.

The field
was 21 playing teams of mostly 2 players and with 3 singles flights. The
format was Greensome which of course everyone is familiar with but involves
both players in a team teeing off and then selecting the most advantageous of
the 2 balls (or the least disadvantageous) for further play which is
alternative shots starting with the player whose ball it is not until the ball
is holed. Handicaps for the teams are calculated by adding 60% of the
lower handicapper to 40% of the higher handicap. Scoring is
Stableford. The 2 highest playing teams scores give the overall team
scores for the event.

You may
recall that after the Scramble the “Babes and the Boys” were clearly
leading by 5 points over the rest of the field close together.

The best
team score this time was again the “Babes and the Boys” with an impressive 71
points (best score was overall Clare and Piet with 37 Stableford). This gives
them an overall lead on 158 points. Second (again) was the fighting
“Fridays Men” with 68 points (4 teams all returned a score of 34 points,
the rest did not). Third was the delightful “Mulligans” with 67
points. Joint third was the gallant “Andy Caps” , also with 67
points. Filippo Pinna and Elco Fritzsche of the Caps also had a noble 37

The overall
result is the same as after the Scramble with an increased lead for the “Babes
and the Boys” on 158 points, second is “Fridays Men” on 150 points. Third
spot is occupied by the “Mulligans” with 148 points. The Andy Caps are
just behind with 147 points. All is still to play fore!

For those
deranged enough to be more interested can get further details of the results
from the team captains: Babes: Clare Bingham, Mulligans: Marja Allen, Fridays
Men: Reno Harboe Sorensen and the Andy Caps: Alex Jeanes (also the organizer
and sponsor. Also you may wish to join the wonderful CRT community.
Just email Alex Jeanes for a team allocation (email:

Thanks Alex
for a well-organized event and to Aurora for sponsoring it. The CRT is
the most interesting event in our EGC calendar with the possible exception of
the Monthly. And to Colin Rolls, the originator, sadly no longer with us.

The next
CRT event will be the Betterball Competition to be held on 26th May

Report brilliantly written by Rod, as well as the results in full detail in the Excel file.