Colin Rolls Trophy 2019

The Colin Rolls Trophy 2019


This is a four-leg (scramble, greensome, better ball,
foursome) team competition. The Competition,
previously known as the EGTEC is named after it’s founder and long standing
club member Colin Rolls.

This is the most popular competition in the club and is a
great way for beginner golfers to get experience playing with more experienced
golfers. The formats are mainly fun with
maybe the exception of the final round where a pair plays one ball. The events mean you can end up playing shots
from new places and having a lot of fun.

Nominally a team submits any number of flights of 2 golfers per leg with the
scores of the best 2 flights making the team score. Players can participate in
the legs that they wish to and do not need to play all. The main purpose of the competition is to
have fun and to help less experienced golfers learn more about competitions.

The four rounds are on Sundays:

24 March Scramble
14 April Greensomes
26 May Betterball
9 June Foursome

New players should contact the organisers Alex Jeanes ( and his deputy Rod Allen( who will organise the
most suitable team for you trying to ensure a fair balance of players per team.

Any Club member is entitled to set him/herself up as a team
captain and to recruit team members, usually with some loose sort of theme.

The organisers help to ensure that teams are balanced by
the allocation of new players to teams. So if a 5th team is formed for 2019 all new participants will join that team.

The competition is sponsored by Aurora who provide the
prizes and hence there are no competition fees.

The Captains of the teams

Bingham – The Babes
& the Boys

Allen – The Mulligans

Reno Harboe-Sorensen – Friday’s

Jeanes – The Andy Caps

captains and teams are very welcome