Pea Soup Competition report

Sunday February 17th, the 2019 Pea Soup Competition has taken place on the ESTEC Golf course.

The weather was spring like, dry and Sunny with moderate winds, and a maximum temperature of 14ºC. A exceptionally good weather for mid February.

We had a full field of player (with just one withdraw). The competitors could enjoy a nice Pea Soup after the competition, even though they didn’t really need to warm up.

Winner this year is Martin Traas with an exceptional score of 51 net.
Second place goes to Willem Borst with a very good score of 57 net.
Third, tony Van Rosmalen with 60
Fourth, Mary Gillies with 61
Fifth, Nely Borst with 61

Neary in 2 on hole 3 won by Erik Van Ginkel
Neary in one on hole 6 won by Willem Borst
Neary in one on hole 9 won by Raffaele Tosellini

Full results attached below