Result bedrijfsleague match # 2 : ESTEC vs EPO B

On Wednesday ESTEC welcomed the new, high handicap, team of EPO. On average the ESTEC players had to give their opponents more than 10 strokes so we couldn;t make many mistakes. Thankfully the thunderstorms stayed tothe south of us and we were able to enjoy a great evening of golf.

Even though we had to give our opponents a lot of shots it didn’t bother most players and ESTEC got a comfortabel win of 4-2.
With 2 matches played we remain undefeated and hopefully we can look forward to a succesful season.

For next week Thursday (7/6) players are still needed for our match at Bentwoud versus PIT. Because of the Chaturvedi cup availability of players is deminished, but hopefully ESTEC can still field a full team. Please register in Proware or contact Erik per email!