Report Tespelduyn/ESTEC Challenge 14/4

The weather cooperated amazing well on April 14th for the out match
against Tespelduyn; though the flower fields were not optimal due to the
extremely cold period a few weeks previous there were some lovely
colourful views.

For the first time the tradition of the home team winning has been
broken. ESTEC won at Tespelduyn with 338 points to their 315 points; we are very
happy with this result.

ESTEC had a great team and we even had to lend a few of our players
to Tespelduyn to make up the numbers. Actually we also won all the nearies and
longest drives. The following in short the results.

1st Individual Rob Jansen

2nd Individual Emmanuel Sabourin

2nd Individual (on loan to Tespelduyn) Maria

Mens longest drive Paul McNamara

Ladies longest drive Geraldine Doeswijk Kavanagh

Neary Rob Jansen

Tweary Vincent Regis.

Thank you all so much for your support in this event and hope we can
keep it up when they come to ESTEC for the return match in