CANCELLED – Colin Rolls Trophy – 18/3: Scramble


Considering the weather forecast (freezing temperatures combined with strong winds) for this Sunday the organiser has, after due consideration, decided to cancel the Colin Rolls trophy scheduled for Sunday.

The organiser thanks everyone that made themselves available for the competition this Sunday!


The first round of the Colin Rolls Trophy will be played on Sunday 18 March. The first tee is closed from 9:40 until after the last flight has played hole 10 at circa 14:30.

Please find the flights in the attachment


2 players from the same team play as a pair:
– Every player in the pair tees off. This counts as one shot for the pair.
– The pair selects the ball it likes best and everyone plays from this position. This counts as the second shot for the pair. The ball may be placed on the fairway (closely mown grass) but must be dropped in the rough or hazard.
– This process is repeated until the ball is holed. Each time the process is repeated it counts as one shot for the pair.

For the Scramble a team may enter any number of pairs. The “strokes received” shall be the lower of the players.
Examples: 1 A 1 player pair with strokes received of 19 shall receive 19 strokes
2. A 2 player pair with strokes received of 21 & 16 shall receive 16 strokes
The team score shall be the sum of the scores of the best two pairs.
Example: 1. A three pair team score 31,35 & 34 stbl. Pts.. The team score is 35 +34 = 69