Re-construction of Green-9

The design as presented at the AGM is still applicable.
The layout has been slightly updated to allow a pin position a little more behind the bunker.
The revetted bunker wall will have a height variation from 40-90 cm. This should also make it a bit more challenging.
Due to the bunker layout it is always possible to play to the side if the height is considered too tough.

The cost after discussion with Hoek Hoveniers and taking into account a small reduction gained from maintenance contract of last year is estimated to €28200,-
including, the cost for the architect, and a cost reimbursement provision of 1500,- for the sprinkler system.

The design is as per attach drawing made by the landscape/golf course architect Ir. Aart Bertgsma, Bureau de Klare Lijn.
He has been recommended to us by Hoek Hovenier, who has worked with this office before, and where also the fees are somewhat reasonable.

The design is a follows (as presented at the AGM)

the final layout:

The ‘Werktekening’ is showing draining and sprinklers system:

As can be seen on the “Werktekening” the Green is slightly bigger than the old,
but should also be a little bit more interesting / challenging than the existing Green.

The Planning goes as follows:

phase-1:19/2 – 6/3 preparatory ground work
phase-2: grass mat rollout 19-23 March (all dates subject to weather conditions)

With a favourable Spring it should be ready for use around May-2018.

Kjeld Hjortnaes