Walker Cup Results

On a bit windy but otherwise lovely Sunday 28/8 the Walker Cup was played. 18 Cat. 2 (handicap >19.9) players battled for the prestigious Walker Cup. In support there were also 4 Cat. 1 (handicap < 20.0) players participating. The format of the competition was stableford. After calculating the results the following winners could be announced:

4th place: Nely Borst
3rd place: Kjeld Hjortnaes
2nd place: Paul McManamon
Winner: Emmanuel Sabourin

The winner of the Cat. 1 players was Hanna Jones.

Please find in the attachment the full results (handicap adjustment after the Serco Challenge has not yet taken place in Proware. So results in the attachment may differ from what was submitted on the scorecards, but had no effect on the winning places).