Result first week of Bedrijfsleague matches

The Bedrijfsleague has started very successful for the EGC. We had to play 2 matches in one week: Monday 9/5 against Shell at Burggolf Zoetermeer and Wednesday 11/5 home against BP. I am glad to say that both matches have been won by us. The results were:

Shell v ESTEC 2-4 (matches were won by Mary, Erik, Nico and Alan).

Very interesting match this was. For many it was the first visit Burggolf Zoetermeer and the long walk resulted in 2 flight finishing in the dark and a powerless buggy that had to be abandoned on the course which meant that the 2 occupants had to walk in on the last hole. Next match Shell will have to supply miners lamps for the later flights ;-p

ESTEC v BP 5-1 (matches were won by Andrew, Tony, Sylvain, Ronny and Jos).

With this start I am confident we can make this season a great success! Our next match will be on 2/6 against PIT at Bentwoud.

For people interested, it is still possible to register for matches in the Bedrijfsleague. Send me an email and I will send you the details.