Winter or 4th Seasonal 2 October 2023: Report and Results.

The “Winter Seasonal” was played at Liemeer on Monday 2 October in summer weather conditions as is witnessed on hole 19 after all flights had completed their round (see attachments).   Organisation was complicated as Liemeer wanted to know the number of participants two weeks in advance as members and other guests can book so far in advance.   So we communicated that we had 13 players but if given more time it would increase.  An email was issued and another 10 registered but one cancelled.   Registration via proware is much better than email as poor Kjeld was overlooked.   The  solution was to add Kjeld to the first flight, now 4, the first flight made good time and got caught in traffic and completed the round in 4h 10m despite searching a lot for Alex’s golf balls as he was on an off day.    There was a gap between the second and third flights but everyone came in within 4h 30m which allowed us to have dinner at 19h.   

Rafael left but then was called back as we realised that he had won the Granny Smith trophy.  Then the prizes for the day with the winner Mary Gillies with a good 33 points from playing handicap of just 9. Elly Davis and Rafael both had 31 and then Reno and Stephan had 29 (all results attached).  

The dinner was of good quality a veal carpaccio followed by choice of parelhoen or salmon.   Needless to say it was accompanied by water and a few glasses of wine.   Overall a very satisfactory golf event with a good turnout, hopefully to be repeated.