Gladiolenmiddag Results: 2022-23

Gladiolen Dinner: Tuesday 25 July 2023 at 18:30 hrs.

On behalf of Willem our 2023 Gladiolenmiddag organizer, this note just to announce that the last 2022-23 Gladiolenmiddag will take place on the 25th of July, followed by a  Gladiolen Dinner at “Heinde en Ver”, Noordwijkerhout, at 18:30 hrs, for a fixed price of 37,50 Euro/person. Please contact Willem for dinner registration – and just turn up at ESTEC for the usual Tuesday golf event.

Gladiolenmiddag 2022/23: Report and Final Results.

The 2022/23 Gladiolenmiddag was played 37 times between September 6th 2022 and July 25th 2023. Here we had 30 different player participating, resulting in a total of 400 players on Tuesday’s or an average participations of 10,8 players/week. Out of the 30 players, 6 played only once! The most frequent player was Willem Borst (our organiser) who played 36 times followed by Henk Wapstra with 34 times and Barteld de Jong with 28 times. The best Tuesday average score was on June 27th 2023 with 37,3 Stp, and the worst on September 6th 2022 with 28,2 Stp. The average Stp for all 400 players, for the total period was 30,3 Stp.

The overall Gladiolenmiddag 2022/23 winner was Ben Smelting with 6 wins, followed by Carel Haakman and Ton Remmen with 5 wins. So many congratulations to Ben who also had the highest average score of 34,1 (based on minimum 10 times played). Further individual performance can be seen in the attached table.

Finally also our appreciations goes to Nely Borst, our earlier organiser and now Willem Borst for being and continue as Gladiolenmiddag organiser. Also Henk Wapstra financial work are appreciated and all deserve a BIG THANK YOU.

The new Gladiolenmiddag period will start on August 1st and continue until end of July 2024.