Gladiolenmiddag Results: 2022

The 2022 Gladiolenmiddag was played 21 times between March 29th and August 30th 2022. Here we had 26 different player participating, resulting in a total of 278 players on Tuesday’s or an average participations of 13,1 players. The best Tuesday average score was on July 12th with 36,5 Stp, and the worst on August 30th with 28,9 Stp. The average Stp for the total period was 33,3 Stp.

The overall Gladiolenmiddag 2022 winner was Nely Borst with 6 wins, followed by Reno with 4 wins and Jan v. H with 3. So a BIG congratulations to Nely (average scores = 35,7!) and another BIG appreciation HIGH for being and continue as Gladiolenmiddag organiser – THANK YOU.

The new Gladiolenmiddag period will start on September 6th and continue until August 2023.