Sunday 20 June 2021: CRT Foursome, Report and Results.

Again a well-attended fourth 2021 Colin Rolls Trophy event “Foursome” took place on Sunday 20 June 2021. This time the weather was very nice with temperature around 20 Deg. C but the course was wet with standing water many places (see attachment – photo credit Dinah)! Altogether we had 31 players participating in 8 flights where each pair represented one of the four traditional teams. The best pair score was recorded by Piet and Garry with 33 St. P. followed by Helma and Valerie with 32 St. P. The best team score counting the two best score per team, was recorded by the “Mulligans” with 63 St. P. followed by the “Babes and the Boys” with 62, “Friday’s Men” with 56 St. P. and “Andy Caps” with 52. All pair and team results can be found attached.

Winner CRT 2021:  

The overall winner of the 2021 Colin Rolls Trophy was the “Babes and the Boys” team, captained by Garry Gould, with 326 St. P. followed by “Friday’s Men” team 29 St. P. behind with 297, “Mulligans” team with 289 and finally “Andy Caps” team with 286 St. P. The four events took place with a total of 147 players or 53 different players, so a fairly high interest considering the ESTEC Golf Club having 173 members.

Finally a BIG Congratulation to the winning “Babes and the Boys” team members: Garry, Piet, Willem, Rob, Barteld, Salim, Tony, Steve, Angelika, Clare, Mary, Joe and Erik.

Your 2021 CRT organizer – Reno