Sunday 8 November 2020: ACRT Report and Results.

What a nice November day to play golf, sunny no wind and temperature around 14 Deg. C. The Alternative Colin Rolls Trophy, played as a pair event with 9 holes Scramble and 9 holes Better Ball was attended by 34 players representing 4 teams. The best pair score was recorded by Piet and Joe with 46 St.P. followed by Klaus and Peter with 42 St.P. The best team score counting the two best score per team, was won by the “Babes and the Boys” with 87 St.P. followed by “Friday’s Men” with 82 St.P., “Mulligans” with 77 St.P. and “Andy Caps” with 75 St.P. All pair and team results can be found attached.

After seeing the ACRT score cards with around 30% far from the clear example given, I dropped the idea of organizing ACRT part 2, playing Greensome and Foursome.