Advance Notice – EGC 3 Club Competition.

Please make a note in your diary for the EGC 3 Club
competition to be held on 20 November 2016 which will feature an individual and
a team event.

In brief:

– only 3 clubs of any description to be used and carried
in the bag, (penalty – disqualification
if more)

– choice of play from red or yellow tees, as usual,

– format will be Stableford (handicap current on 20

There will be (hopefully) a trophy for the winner of the
individual competition.

The teams will be those as in the 2016 Colin Rolls
Trophy, i.e. Andy Caps, Babes and the Boys, Friday’s Men and Mulligans. Players
not affiliated to one of those may be formed into a fifth team.

The sign-up on Proware will be opened on ~ 20 October
with the number of players limited to 36, first come, first served.

We will have a shotgun start at 12:00 (Escape arrival

Start thinking about the best 3 clubs to use.

Brian Taylor