Monthly Results: December 2014

Prize List:

Official Scores:

Ebbesen Results: Final for 2014

Winner: Erik
van Ginkel
with 78 points

2nd Place: Raffaele Tosellini/Tony Rosmalen with 63 points

4th Place: Hendrik Wapstra/Dave Binns with 59

Linsley Results: Final for 2014

Winner: Domenico
with 82 points

2nd Place: Vincent Regis with 58 points

3rd Place: Filippo Pinna with 53 points

4th Place: Alessandro Bergamasco with 49 points

Tomaselli Cat. I.

Winner: Erik
van Ginkel
with 407 strokes/average 67,8 per round

2nd Place: Geoff. Beckwith with 429 strokes/average 71,5 per round

3rd Place: Tony Rosmalen with 430 strokes/average 71,7 per round

4th Place: Hanna Jones with 434 strokes/average 72,3 per round

Tomaselli Cat. II.

Winner: Nely
with 474 strokes/average 79,0 per round

2nd Place: Rod Allen with 475 strokes/average 79,2 per round

3rd Place: Reno Harboe Sørensen with 483 strokes/average 80,5 per round