Ryder Cup 2014

It give me great pleasure to announce that Estec won the 2014 Ryder Cup on Saturday the 18th October!!

With perfect weather, the course in very good shape, and with good 4*BBB combinations, Estec won the Cup back convincingly !!

In the 4 * BBB Estec won 5 matches from the 7, setting us up for the afternoon matches.

After a well organized lunch, Estec finished off the victory with a 11 to 3 matches won in the afternoon !!

This means that Estec won 16 matches against the 5 for EPO.

There was prices for nearies on hole 1,4,6 and 9 (sponsored by EPO)

Afterwards the victory was celebrated on the terras at Escape, with the highlight when Dave Aitkens handed the trophy to Ronny Boer.

I want to thank both EPO and Estec for a wonderful day of golf.

The Cup is back where it belongs !! Well done Estec !!

See attached the detailed results.

Golf greetings