Chairmans Challenge Results – Sunday 17 November

In his email Armen, described the Chairmans Challenge as “a fox hunt pairs better ball competition as described below”. Then quoting from the website:

“A “pairs better” ball stableford competition and a “4-ball, better ball” stableford competition. It is played with the normal strokes received, but the par for the course is set by the Chairman and Captain who play a pairs better ball in the morning of the competition. The par is only revealed after the competition play has been completed.”

Unfortunately Armen was unable to play so he deputized Reno. Also, as we were (eventually) 35 players, the foxes, Reno and Brian, played along with the hounds in the afternoon; a much more social arrangement.

To add some cerebral challenge to the event in ESCAPE afterwards, not only did we play a ‘pairs better ball’ competition but also a ‘flight better ball competition’.

Never on the field of golf (or in a bar) was so much confusion caused to so many by so few.

All the results are attached but in short, the pairs better ball was won for the third year running by Anna and Kjeld Hjortnaes and the flight better ball by Anna, Kjeld, David Lumb and Vincent Regis.