ESTEC Teams Day 22/6/2022- the EGC Golf Clinic

The Director of ESTEC instituted ‘Teams Day’ on Wednesday 22 June in response to the debilitating effect of the restrictions imposed to combat Covid-19 over the last two years and to get some ‘team-spirit’ back into ESTEC. In response to the SSCC’s call for clubs ‘to do something’ in support, the Golf Club suggested a Golf Clinic (though where that name came from I’ve no idea). Anyway, we thought we could put to good use the practice putting area, the
chipping area, the nets and hole 1 and Clare, Joe, Filippo, Ignacio and myself ‘volunteered’ to run the show on the day. Helma had painted some targets on the putting green and Anna had flyers and posters printed. I was in contact with the GolfCentrum Noordwijk for it to give support in the shape of the golf-pro Michael John de Boor. He brought along three bags of clubs, (mid-irons, sand wedges and putters) to more than supplement our own ‘spare’ clubs and balls.

The Clinic was to start at 10:00 and by 10:05 we were in danger of being overrun by
the numbers wanting to give golf a go. Through some sort of divine intervention the cavalry
arrived in the shape of David, Erik and Paul and later Dominico and Stephen. We survived
but we had to expand the real-estate by doing the chipping up onto the ninth green as
Michael John needed the practice chipping area for his basic introduction i.e. holding the
club, the stance etc. etc.

We asked our visitors to sign-in and by 12:00, the closing time of the Clinic, we had
collected about a 100 names. Just from observation, many of our visitors looked potential
golfers and we hope they will join the EGC. We of course impressed on them the value for
money of the membership fee, the almost unrestricted access to the course and our
closeness to the GolfCentrum Noordwijk with its driving range and Toptracer installation!
Altogether a fun day and an experience our volunteers didn’t expect.

Brian Taylor.
Chair, EGC

World Handicap System (WHS) introduced on March 1

On Monday March 1 the WHS handicaps will become active and the EGA handicaps will disappear. You can find your WHS handicap on your digital NGF card. On February 26 the NGF is planning an internal transfer of data so no handicap adjustments will take place on that day . Any qualifying cards entered on that day will be placed on hold and processed during the weekend. The weekend of 27 February will be the last time competitions will be held with the EGA handicaps.

For the WHS the NGF has distributed new handicap tables that will be in use starting March 1:

WHS Handicap Tables EGC Men 18 and 9 holes

WHS Handicap Tables EGC Ladies 18 and 9 holes

Latest info on the introduction of the WHS can be found on the NGF website here.

Course open again

The snow has almost completely disappeared so the course will be open this weekend. The ground is still quite wet in places so please take care with trolley’s and repair your pitchmarks and divots.

Winter Seasonal at Liemeer

The fourth seasonal was played at the traditional location of Liemeer, only 30 minutes from Noordwijk.   Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 restrictions dinner was not possible and the 19th hole was cancelled.   Liemeer kindly agreed to apply the much lower Introductory green fee of just € 42,50 to compensate, very nice club.

EGC members are being excellent at self isolating and there was only one cancellation and a good turnout of 21 players distributed over 7 flights.

The weather was very good for October with about 16 degrees and a force 3 wind and even sunshine. 

Poor Peter had a tough start as a lady had nicked his buggy so he missed his warm up while another was arranged.

The marshal made a special stop to check that David was OK in just a polo shirt.   I am sure there were many interesting events but I can only report those from my flight.  We had a mixture of golf with the low being hole 14, the shortest hole where we all had terrible tee shots and scratched.   Hole 18 was the highlight, Vincent had 185m for his second shot and was rather upset that his ball found the end of the water, but fortunately it was either a Jesus ball and jumped out or a fish headed it over.   All three of us managed a par.

The seasonals are a special EGC tradition and played on outside courses.   We did very well to play all four this year.   Many years ago the scores were generally very low.  These days we have much better scores, the top half scored 29 or above, which might reflect the low course rating at ESTEC.

Reno kindly ensured that the scores were entered into proware.   Thanks to everyone who came to play and sorry that we could not provide prizes.   A big congratulations to Alan on his lower handicap and still scoring 35 points, just pipping Gary to first place with a better back nine.

Stay safe and healthy and remember that golf helps to make you fitter and stronger.  Golf can also be frustrating with a bad shot so enjoy the good ones with a big smile.