Our EGC handicap secretary Klaus provided the Committee with a 2021 list of our members including Old and New WHS handicaps. On behalf of the Committee I took a closer look at this list in order to analyse the change in handicaps as introduced by NGF per 1 March 2021.

Firstly I think only a 1/3 of the players HCP can be used for any type of meaningful analysis. So I reduced our 2021 membership list of 186 names into 66, all playing Monthlies or other official EGC competitions within the last two years. Additionally I also spotted two Old handicaps to be wrongly listed, thus corrected them. So for 66 active EGC players, their average handicap were changed to:

Average NEW HCP = 25,4

Average OLD HCP = 22,4

Delta +3,0

I then removed the 12 players with external handicap so looked at 54 players with EGC HCP:

Average NEW HCP = 26,8

Average OLD HCP = 23,5

Delta +3,3

Finally the 12 players with external HCP:

Average NEW HCP = 19,2

Average OLD HCP = 17,3

Delta +1,9

Hope this small analyses clarify what happened to EGC handicaps per 1 March 2021. Many of you already know your new WHS and have used it. This analysis was primarily used for justifications for the new Monthly Cat. I/II split of 23,9/24,0 where we earlier used 20,9/21,0.

Your EGC Competition Secretary – Reno