Course Status

First tee closed Wednesday 17/5: 17:30-18:15

For a Bedrijfsleague match the first tee will be closed to allow the competing flights to depart. While the 6 flights depart it will not be possible to start your round or continue after hole 9. As soon as the final flight has left the green of hole 1 the tee will reopen (expected to be between 18:00-18:15) The course remains open, but players should be aware of the competition in progress. Thanks!

First tee closed 12/7/2022, 17:30-18:15

For a match in the Bedrijfsleague the first tee will be closed this evening from 17:30 until approximately 18:15 to allow all flights to leave.

When playing this evening be aware of the competition in progress and give priority to upcoming flights when needed.

Weekday Golf for On-site Personnel

Starting Monday 29 March 2021, on-site personnel, contractors and staff, can register for golf on the evenings during the week.

The schedule becomes:
– Saturday – Sunday 09:00-21:00 no change On-site personnel, family, pensioners.
– Weekdays 17:00-21:00 On-site personnel only.

Booking must be done via Proware and Covid-19 precautions must be followed as always.

Course closed until further notice

Due to the current snow cover on the course there is no possibility to play golf and the course remains closed until further notice. At the moment we still have snow cover of over 20 cm on many places on the course. It is however a beautiful sight with mainly animal prints on the snow

Next week the temperature is expected to rise, but it will still take some time for all the snow to melt and after that the course to be dry enough to play on. We will open the registration for casual rounds for next weekend but there remains a reasonable chance the course needs more than a week to recover after the snow starts melting. Next week Friday the course conditions will be checked again for the weekend.