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ESTEC Golf Club News

Course open again 22/10

Course Status Posted on 21 Oct, 2019 10:09:47

Course is open again.

Course closed Sunday October 6 – ESTEC Open Day

Course Status Posted on 03 Oct, 2019 14:39:12

Because of the ESTEC open day held on October 6 the ESTEC site is only accessible for people attending the Open Day on that day. No club activity will be possible. Therefore the course is closed for the entire day on Sunday.

Course closure Saturday 14/9 and Sunday 15/9

Course Status Posted on 12 Sep, 2019 13:21:16

For the Club Championship the course will be closed during the following times this weekend:

Saturday 14/9: 8:00-14:30
Sunday 15/9: 8:00-18:00

Course closures for events this week

Course Status Posted on 01 Jul, 2019 15:05:29

This week there are a 2 events with a course closure as an effect:

Tuesday 02/07: Unusual Golf invitational
On Tuesday
the course will be closed for the annual “Unusual” golf invitational
event from 17:00 until 21:00. A yearly competition organised for the
many volunteers of our club.

Wednesday 03/07: Bedrijfsleague
On Wednesday evening another match in the bedrijfsleague will be played
at ESTEC. For this the first tee will be closed from 17:30 until the
last flight has left (expected around 18:15).

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