Chairman/Captain Challenge 2021 report and results

On Sunday October the 24th, the Chairman/Captain challenge was played on the ESTEC course. The weather was nothing short of perfect, with low winds, and not single a cloud in the sky.

19 participants (one last minute drop out unfortunately) took advantage of the good weather, and joined this competition. The game format was a Fox hunt, a four balls better ball with the par set by the Chairman / Captain team (the foxes).

Carl and myself tried made our best to set the bar high, and have the foxes escape. The par differential was as follow:

Hole #DifferentialHole #Differential

Pretty good score, but the foxes were nonetheless caught.

It was a tight race to top, with the pair Raffaele Tosellini and Tony van Rosmalen the winner with 38 points, one point in front of Brian Taylor and Reno Harboe-Sorensen 37 points. In 3rd place came Peter Behrmann and Barteld de Jong with 36 points, just catching the foxes.

See all the adjusted scores below:

Raffaele Toselini / Tony van Rosmalen38
Brian Taylor / Reno Harboe-Sorensen37
Peter Behrmann / Barteld de Jong36
Nico Dettmann / Anna Carmio35
Rod Allen / Marja Allen34
Willem Borst / Nelly Borst32
Alex Jeanes / Mary Gillies27
Marga Harboe-Sorensen / Innike Aalbers27

Congratulation to Raffaele and Tony!

The actual complete scores can be seen on Proware.