The November Monthly, scheduled for Sunday November 1st, will take place within Corona and ESTEC restrictions, as Qualifying with the first tee time available at 09:20. Obviously you need to register in Proware or e-mail Reno, if you like to play. Proware registration is open now and will stay open until 18:00 hrs on Thursday, October 29th 2020. Remember to indicate Red or Yellow tee and select a playing slot between 09:20 and 13:00 (Early-Medium-Late). There will be no longest/nearies nor will prize giving take place. Individual scores to be entered into Proware via Mobile (if possible) and all score cards to be dropped at the score card box placed in the check-in hut. All results will be EGC NEWS announced within a few days. Just remember that this being a Covid19/Monthly alternative, so please adhere to ESTEC entrance procedures and play this event as earlier guide lined by the EGC for weekend play. Tee times for casual play on 1/11’20 can be booked from 16:00 hrs.

Your EGC Competition Secretary – Reno